Robotics & Electronics Arduino C++
age 9+


Do you know why children constantly disassemble their toys? They are trying to find out how they are arranged. They like it! We suggest that they be interested in the reverse process: create a robot, program it, and let it do all our whims, right?

In the second module of the course we teach electronics with WOW effect. We work with the Arduino Kit during the classes. 90% of the classes are practical work. We will study the basic laws of C ++ programming, electronics, physics, mechanics and mathematics at the same time.

  6 mont., 1 times/wk., 90 min.


  1200 ₴

What are we going to do?


Develop spatial thinking, learn programming, the basics of electronics (that's what smartphones are based on), create your own projects and obedient robots with special Arduino kits and programmable robots.

Duration of the course? Classes once a week, 90 minutes, module duration - 6 months. The course consists of 2 modules.

During the lesson, we will work with ArduinoKit kits, which are the basis for building wiring diagrams. 90% of the lesson is practical work. We will talk about the basic laws of C++ programming, electronics, physics, mechanics and math at the same time so interesting that your children will come to us again.

Who is this course for?


For children from 9 to 12 years, for schoolchildren, for girls, for parents (yes, we have the opportunity of open lessons where you will enjoy the immersion in the world of programming, electronics, physics, other exact sciences, etc.)

Course structure


Bloc 1
Theoretical foundations of electronics. Circuitry

  • Introduction to the work of the microprocessor, the microcontroller
  • Familiarity with the ARDUINO controller and its programming environment
  • The basics of C++ in programming ARDUINO

Bloc 2
The practical part

  • Button connection and LEDs, project
  • Analog signal processing in ARDUINO controller.
  • Working with RGB-LED, project "Mood lamp"
  • Photo resistor connection, project "Twilight Switch"
  • Connecting and controlling the buzzer, the tweeter to the controller
  • work with humidity sensor, project "Watering plant signaling plant"
  • connecting and controlling the DC motor to the ARDUINO

Bloc 3
Complications of projects

  • connection of the LCD display to the controller, and its programming.
  • connection and operation of the motor register.
  • connection and programming of seven segment indicator, project "Countdown"
  • work with digital temperature sensor, project "Electronic thermometer"
  • servomotor connection and programming
  • working with ultrasonic distance sensor, project "Rangefinder"
  • control of the LED matrix, project "Smiley"
  • working with the remote control.
  • gas sensor connection to ARDUINO, project "Gas analyzer"
  • motion sensor programming.
  • working with the joystick, controlling the actuator with the joystick



Want to know more about teachers? We work the best. Those who practice themselves, but most importantly, can also teach you to do the same. And this is already a talent.



Well, what without it? It will be very presentable. Prepare a place on the wall. But better quality knowledge than certificates, right?



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