Computer for beginners
age 6+


Does your child play games but doesn't understand anything about the computer? She uses only a minimal number of keys and doesn't even know why she needs them except games? We have created a course where children can discover the world of possibilities, help themselves and you with your computer, learn how to quickly print and install various useful programs and applications.

We will help them to be with Computer on "you".

  3 mont., 2 times/wk., 60 min.


  1200 ₴

What are the benefits of the course?


We live with you in the same rhythm and know your needs perfectly. Therefore, everything will be:

  • quickly
  • effectively
  • understandably
  • without blah-blah

Short terms, endurance useful, a bit of problems with the practical classes - this is an express mode, a marathon, so as not to wait any longer and be ahead. We save your time, nerves, money.

Who is this course for?


No matter who you are - a student, a student, a bank manager, a business owner, providing services or finding yourself and a new profession - this course will help you earn money or promote your own ideas, products and services here and now. Technology is changing this world fast, so you have 10 minutes to think. Time is up…

Course structure


Bloc 1
Dude, who are you?

  • concept of browser, internet, general theory of invention www
  • what operating systems are and what they eat
  • outstanding personalities and inspirational innovations. We learn from the best practices

Bloc 2
We acquire skills

  • we learn to work with the keyboard and compete in who is typing faster
  • e-mail, messengers, registration, and other skills, without which today well
  • applications, files, search engines - we will make it very simple

Bloc 3
Deep dive into your computer

  • computer language: how did he learn to think? Commands and basic concepts in programming
  • installation of necessary programs, utilities and other "pieces" that make life easier for all
  • what to do when ... virus does not work, screen suddenly went off? Quietly! We'll teach you how to revive it! And the system admin is not required
  • child cyber security. What everyone needs to know



Want to know more about teachers? We work the best. Those who practice themselves, but most importantly, can also teach you to do the same. And this is already a talent.



Well, what without it? It will be very presentable. Prepare a place on the wall. But better quality knowledge than certificates, right?



Did you complete the course? From now on, we will live happily ever after. We are guaranteed to provide work to the best graduates whose work and final projects will make us love you. We have our own in-house digital agency, which works exclusively with foreign partners. And so, we are hiring!

Three steps to get started




Pay the course right online or we can bill


Wait for an email with detailed instructions on where to go, what to download, how to install the necessary software before you start


Start learning with us