Animation & video games
age 7+

This is the next step after learning 2 Scratch programming modules. The course aims to put into practice the skills learned when creating projects offered by both the trainer and the children themselves. We present to you more than 12 projects that your kid will do on his/her own.

  6 mont., 1 times/wk., 90 min.


  1 200 ₴

What are the benefits of the course?


We live with you in the same rhythm and know your needs perfectly. Therefore, everything will be:

  • quickly
  • effectively
  • understandably
  • without blah-blah

Short terms, endurance useful, a bit of problems with the practical classes - this is an express mode, a marathon, so as not to wait any longer and be ahead. We save your time, nerves, money.

Who is this course for?


For children, for the smallest visitors, for schoolchildren, for girls, for parents (yes, we have the opportunity of open lessons where you will enjoy the immersion in the world of programming, electronics, physics, other exact sciences, etc.)

Course structure


Bloc 1
The concept of algorithms, structure and form

  • Creating a game "Catch me"
  • Creating a game "Race track"
  • Creating a game "Alien hunt"
  • Creating a game "Catch the apples"
  • Creating a game "Don't get wet in the rain"


Bloc 2
The level of projects is complicated

  • Creating a game "Turtle salad"
  • Creating a game "Cube"
  • Creating a game "Aquarium"
  • Creating a game "Once upon a time in Africa"
  • Creating animation "Dragon-mathematician"

Bloc 3
Advanced level of projects

  • Creating an animated game "Find the key"
  • Creating a program "Geometric shape area calculator" (STEM lesson)
  • Creating a program "Classification of triangles" (STEM lesson)
  • Project "Free fall simulator" (STEM lesson)
  • Project "Kernel fall simulator" (STEM lesson)
  • Project "Om's law imitation and modeling" (STEM lesson)



Want to know more about teachers? We work the best. Those who practice themselves, but most importantly, can also teach you to do the same. And this is already a talent.



Well, what without it? It will be very presentable. Prepare a place on the wall. But better quality knowledge than certificates, right?



Did you complete the course? From now on, we will live happily ever after. We are guaranteed to provide work to the best graduates whose work and final projects will make us love you. We have our own in-house digital agency, which works exclusively with foreign partners. And so, we are hiring!

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